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Zoo fun net has several features to offer kids of all ages. It includes games such as Team Hungry Lions, Animal Adventures, Funny McFuns and more. It can also be used as an educational tool in classrooms and birthday parties. It also has a lifetime membership option. Children of all ages can sign up for a membership at any time, and they can also play the free Zoo Adventures games online.

Team Hungry Lions

A series of shocking images of starving lions at a Sudanese safari park has sparked a global campaign to save the animals. Photographs taken at the Al-Qureshi Park, in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, showed five emaciated lions. Zoo fun net team member Osman Salih, who was inspired by the recent fires in Australia, created the hashtag #Sudananimalrescue on Facebook.

The zoo’s residents are struggling to survive, and it’s obvious that food shortages have been affecting the animals in their care. On Thursday, two lions tore a bear’s paws through its bars and killed its mother. Her body was buried near the cage, but her son lives on. With the loss of two animals, locals took action to help the lions. They began feeding them leftovers and eventually even a whole sheep.

Funny McFuns

When it comes to teambuilding, the Zoo Fun Net’s Funny McFun synchronization is second to none. These lovable clowns learn all about lions and the art of baton tossing, among other things. And the teams also have fun learning about the animal kingdom through the use of animal puns and parallels. This is the perfect opportunity for kids to learn about the animal kingdom and enjoy an afternoon at the zoo.

Animal Adventures

Aside from providing a home for unwanted animals, Zoo Fun Net’s Animal Adventures is a great place to learn about and appreciate wildlife. The organization offers education in a variety of settings, including classrooms and birthday parties. There are a variety of membership options to choose from, including lifetime and annual memberships. And for the ultimate animal-loving experience, you can purchase a lifetime membership. Listed below are some of the reasons to visit the organization.

As part of its mission to protect wildlife, Zoo Fun Net’s Animal Adventures has a Facebook page. Follow them for daily updates about the animals. You can even purchase a variety of rubber ducks, including those in the world’s largest duck store. The Zoo is a great place to spend the day with your family. Zoo Fun Net’s Animal Adventures has a cheetah conservation fund on its Facebook page, and your purchase supports the efforts of the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

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