Choosing a Walking Net For Playground

walking net for playground

There are many different types of walking net for playground. You can choose from the Pegasus, the Scrambler, and the In Orbit. But which one is best for your child? Here are some tips to help you choose the best one. And remember that there are more safety considerations when choosing a walking net for your playground. Read on to learn more. Then you can purchase one that will keep your child safe for hours!

In Orbit

A 2500 square meter walking net playground installed by the artist Tomas Saraceno in Dusseldorf, Germany, is a great example of this. This playground makes it possible for visitors to walk in the sky while surrounded by nets that are transparent and react to the steps of visitors. It’s a great way to engage children and adults alike. The playground’s transparent nets make the experience a little more threatening.


Whether you’re building a new playground or renovating your current one, a Pegasus walking net can be a great way to keep your kids safe and entertained. These nets are ideal for children of all ages, and come in many different styles. Pegasus walking nets are especially beneficial for younger children because they provide a high degree of security for young children. In addition, they also allow parents to monitor playtime and prevent overcrowding.


The Scrambler metal net climbing equipment is an attractive climbing structure for kids of five and up. It features staggered hand and foot holds and is made of galvanized steel. Available in a variety of colors, it can be installed anywhere, even outdoors. It’s also made to last. Available in different sizes, the Scrambler is versatile and can fit in any outdoor play space. Its durable construction and powder-coated finish allow it to last for many years.

Made of polyester, the Scrambler walking net for playground is both durable and sturdy. The double-layer design makes climbing even more secure and provides extra comfort to kids. It’s 20cm longer than other options on the market. It will protect kids from falling over while letting them climb and swing safely. Its design also makes it an excellent addition to a cubbyhouse fort. Aside from providing extra security, the scrambler walking net also offers the added bonus of safety.

Cargo net

A Cargo net for walking or climbing is a fantastic accessory for your child’s playground. Made of durable nylon rope and wood dowels, this net is an excellent way to encourage coordination and balance. This cargo net for walking or climbing comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware. It will support up to 150 pounds. The length of this cargo net is 20 cm longer than other similar products on the market. It is available in a variety of colors to match any playground.

A walking or climbing net allows kids to explore the park safely. Climbing nets from Billabong Playground feature special nylon/steel cable composite rope that is equivalent to climbing nets sold overseas. Incorporating an A-Frame Cargo Net into a playground is an inexpensive and flexible way to add an exciting new feature to your playground. The nets will withstand heavy traffic. Netform is made with 16mm and 18mm diameter rope.

Scrambler metal net climber

The Scrambler metal net climber is a fun and safe way for children to learn how to safely climb a walking net. Its round shape prevents jamming points and the mesh is easily secured by screw connections. This climbing net is made of 100% non-toxic materials, so kids will never feel any stinging sensation. It is also UV-resistant and weather-resistant, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.

The Scrambler metal net climber is a popular piece of play equipment for outdoor playgrounds. It offers a variety of activities due to its staggered hand and footholds and the metal frame. It’s weather-resistant and durable, and it can be painted to fit any playground design or environment. Because of its durability and ease of assembly, this climbing equipment is perfect for outdoor play areas.

This climbing net is made of stainless steel or wood. A sturdy metal frame is perfect for this equipment. The climber is made to support several pounds and is sturdy enough to withstand a lot of use. A sturdy, safe construction allows children to take risks without the fear of falling. There are many different shapes available for this equipment, including the classic Twister climbing frame and the symmetrical Diamond climber.

Scrambler climbing cargo net

This durable, double-layered climbing cargo net is made of high-quality polyester, making it strong and secure. Its double-layer design gives the user more support and stability. In addition, the net is longer than most comparable products by about 20 cm. The safety features of this cargo net include a round shape for less chance of jamming. And it’s UV-stable and weather resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use.

The Scrambler Metal Net Climbing Playground Equipment is ideal for children between five and twelve years of age. It has staggered hand and foot holds, and galvanized steel posts for long-lasting strength. It’s also available in powder-coated finishes to add a splash of color. It’s versatile enough for use in a variety of outdoor play areas. It also makes a fun addition to a child’s cubbyhouse.

Scrambler steel cargo net

The Scrambler is one of the most popular pieces of climbing equipment. Its staggered hand and foot holds provide a variety of climbing activities. This versatile piece of equipment is extremely durable and weather-resistant. It comes in a variety of colors to complement the play area. It is best for outdoor play areas. This sturdy climbing net is ideal for playgrounds that require a safe, durable climber.

The safety of the scrambler can’t be overemphasized. You can add one to your cubbyhouse, fort, or play set. This versatile play equipment is available in two styles – framed and unframed. A-Frame cargo nets are also available. Both are sturdy and can withstand a great deal of traffic. For more safety, you can add a mesh-lined cargo net in your playground.

A cargo net is an essential part of your playground equipment. It can be stand-alone or installed alongside other equipment like a climbing wall or treehouse. A cargo net is made of durable rope and steel, and is great for kids to play safely. It’s easy to install and can support up to 1000 pounds. A cargo net can also be installed in two directions, vertically and horizontally. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from ropes to obstacle courses.

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