Treetop nets adventure

Climbing treetop nets park

Treetop nets adventure jungle climbing net park emphasizes the integration and restoration of nature. full and vigorous outdoor activity space. Participants can get a good opportunity to interact with nature in the jungle climbing net park. , release children’s playful nature.

It is a kind of mid-air trampoline project built in the jungle, with natural trees as the carrier, beautiful colors, novel shapes, different shapes of trees, and different shapes of trampolines. It will be set as flat net and tunnel net. and a network of slides, making full use of the natural resources of trees and open spaces.

Let’s imagine a giant trampoline in the jungle 6 meters above the ground. It aims to provide a new way of adventure so that children and adults alike can have fun in the tree.

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What do you wear to TreeTop nets

Surrounded by a 3-meter-high seine net, you can jump and play freely on the net without wearing cumbersome safety gear. Unlike traditional high ropes courses, you will be completely surrounded by the net, which means you are always safe , you can have fun in the air without any additional safety equipment.

The net is also soft, which cushions the impact during play and doesn’t put pressure on the joints.

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How to play?

The jungle magic net, in addition to bouncing, can also roll ocean balls online. In some places, it will be equipped with swings, football goals, mazes, ziplines, slides, etc., as well as bumper balls and yoga balls. A completely different experience. On the swing, you can jump directly in the air, jump on the soft net, you can also sit on the yoga ball and play a bumper car in the air with your friends. In addition, there are many interesting projects such as children’s zipline, climbing rope, slide and so on.If you invite friends, it is also completely possible to have a high-altitude football match. Walking and kicking a ball on the magic net is different from that on the ground. You will walk step by step, creating a natural unpowered paradise.

Player group

There is no age limit for the jungle magic net, not only adults can play on it, but also children can jump in the air together. Some children’s toys only allow children to enter, parents can only wait bored on one side, and children can’t play with their parents, but they can participate in children’s games here. When children participate in crawling games, parents can pay attention to child’s progress. When children encounter difficulties, parents can give children appropriate encouragement and guidance to help children overcome difficulties and complete the game.

In this process, it can not only improve the communication and interaction between parents and children, but also increase children’s trust in their parents, enhance the feelings between parents and children, and enhance family cohesion. Many parks and children’s parks now have climbing nets, and many children like to climb.

Walking freely among the trees, breathing in the fresh air in the forest, all you can see is lush greenery, surrounded by your relatives and friends, with the beautiful scenery and the company of friends, the time seems to be faster. Annoying things have also been jumped down, and you can relieve stress and exercise.

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What nets to use?

The jungle magic net project uses outdoor durable rope nets, which are light in weight and high bearing capacity. The magic net surface can bear more than 600 kilograms per square. In combination with different areas, we can use a mesh surface with a maximum weight of 900 kilograms per square. There is no need to worry too much about the number of people to receive. Friends do not need to worry about their own weight. You can enjoy yourself on the magic net. play in.

Requirements for trees

Site requirements for the jungle net project: The jungle net project requires the construction of trees in the jungle with a diameter of 35CM or more (1.5 meters in height), and the height of branches above 3.5 meters from the ground.
If there are not thick enough trees in the scenic area to bear the weight of the amusement, steel columns can be used to support it to create a powerless park in mid-air.

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The project covers the three spatial dimensions of ground, hollow and high altitude in the forest space, creating an interactive and exciting “Jungle Net” experience project that different age groups can participate in.

Such products are more inclined to customization, specialization and personalization.

The shape and color of the bungee net can be customized according to the environment, and it can also be matched with other adventure projects, which is highly ornamental and entertaining.

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Accessible for most people, open for the whole family from 3 years old and up, suitable for groups, friends and parties.

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