Colorful Knotless Safety Net

Rope Diameter
3-8mm as per requirement
Mesh Size
3x3cm,4x4cm,5x5cm as custom
Size per Piece
As custom
Black,Green,Sand,Red as custom

Features:High load capacity and good impact resistance.
Enough strong to provide security.
Easy handle and quick install of knotless safety netting.



Safety net made of polypropylene, polyester, nylon, polyethylene, is a kind of protected net. It’s net rope                                                     diameter is much thicker to make the workers safe. Besides, it’s mesh opening can be square, diamond.                                                        According the woven way, it is divided into knotted and knotless nets. It features high bearing capacity,                                                            heavy shock.ensures security of workers for construction site, high place operation job, windows, and stairway.


The safety net consists of a net body, side ropes, tethers and tendons. The net body is made up of mesh ropes and has a diamond or square mesh. The distance between two adjacent knots of the braid is called the mesh size; the rope on the edge of the mesh is called the side rope.

The size of the safety net (nominal size)

is determined by the size of the side rope; the rope that secures the safety net to the support is called a tether. In addition, the ropes used to increase the strength of the safety net are collectively referred to as tendons. The material of the safety net requires small specific gravity, high strength, good wear resistance, high elongation and durability. In addition, it should have a certain weather resistance, and its strength will not decrease much after being wet and wet.

What is the material ?

is made of chemical fiber. All the net ropes on the same safety net shall be of the same material, and the wet-dry strength ratio of all materials shall not be less than 75%.

All  material types ?

Usually, synthetic fibers such as vinylon and nylon are used as net ropes. Polypropylene is not allowed to be used due to its unstable performance. In addition, as long as it meets the requirements of relevant international regulations, plant materials such as cotton, hemp and brown can also be used as raw materials. Regardless of the material used, the weight of each safety net should generally not exceed 15kg, and it must withstand the impact of 800N.