4 amusement equipment must install Protective Net

Where should install protective net,the main customer group of the indoor children’s playground is the children.This group is lively and active with weak aware of self-protection.A careless, the child may be accidentally injured.In order to protect the safety of children’s amusement, fun net warm tips, indoo r children’s amusement park in these amusement equipment should be installed with protective net.


protective net

The Devil’s slide is a kind of slide, which has a larger slope and a more thrilling slide experience than other slide styles.Because of its high height and high slope, in case of child safety accidents, it also causes a worse injury to the children.Therefore, if the indoor children’s playground needs to install the devil’s slide, it must install protective net on both sides of the devil’s slide, to nip it in the bud.In particular, the 90 right Angle of the devil slide, more need to install a protective playground net.


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The trampoline is mostly of a frame structure, and its bouncing surface has a certain height from the ground.If a protective net is not installed outside the trampoline, the children accidentally fall in the process of jumping, and it is prone to safety accidents.

Rainbow ladder


At the entrance to the second floor platform, the indoor children’s playground generally places a rainbow ladder to replace the steps.Rainbow ladder seems simple, for some children walking is not particularly stable, is also not a small challenge, it is easy to make them fall.Therefore, on both sides of the rainbow ladder, we had better also install a protective net, so as not to prevent the child to fall and safety accidents.

Level-class rides on the platform


To make full use of the limited space, many indoor children’s playgrounds will adopt a two-or three-floor structural design.In general, the second floor platform is more than one meter away from the ground, while the third floor platform is about three meters high from the ground. If a child falls from a high altitude, the consequences can be imagined.Therefore, protective nets will be installed on the periphery of both the second and third floor platforms.Not only that, but another layer of protective net will be installed on both sides of the single-plank bridge on the platform.

The existence of the protective net greatly improves the safety of children’s amusement, and avoids the occurrence of accidents such as children falling during the play. It can be said to be one of the unnecessary supporting equipment in the indoor children’s playground.

However, in the design of indoor children’s playground, many indoor children’s playground operators often ignore the importance of protection playground net out of the requirements of beauty.In fact, the existence of the protective net in the indoor children’s playground is not in conflict, as long as the design is good, the protective net can also be very good-looking.

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