Playground Nets

Width: 3000mm max of playground nets
Material: High Tenacity Polyester, UV resistant
Hole Size 3*3cm,4*4cm,5*5cm
Color Yellow/white/black /red




The Playground nets consists of woven polyester filament yarn. This is a highly tearproof and stable synthetic fibre. Thanks to the knotless weave, which is no less stable than a knotted connection, the net keeps its shape perfectly.


The material is of course 100% non-toxic, and contact with mucus membranes (mouth, eyes) is completely safe as well. Thanks to their weather-resistance and UV-stability, our safety nets are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Border treatment

The net has a border measuring approx. 7 mm in thickness all around (see sample picture). An additional rope is sewn/linked to the border mesh. The border gives the net a neat outer edge on all sides and simultaneously ensures stable, stress-resistant anchorage points. The border and all seams are executed in the same color as the net.

see instagram