Heavy Duty Netting

Warranty: 5 years heavy duty netting
Material:PE or PP or Nylon
Mesh size:4.5*4.5cm, 2*2cm, 10*10cm
Diameter:1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm etc
Width:1-10meters customized
Length:10-100meters customized
Usage:Sport Field to Protect balls out of knotted safety net
Color:Green, Black, Red etc


What is Heavy duty netting

This knotted heavy duty netting net is specifically designed to stop all golf balls in their tracks, in turn protecting both spectators and the surrounding area from any potential golf ball related damage. Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, this black or green golf impact netting is rot resistant and UV treated. These hard-wearing features work together to guarantee continuous exposure to intense sunlight will not cause your golf netting to corrode.

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