Crochet Playground

It adopts high-quality imported colored nylon special rope, which is different from the weaving of ordinary rope nets. It is made by hand crochet, and the weighing tension of each single rope is guaranteed to be more than 250kg, which is equivalent to the weight of 10 children. There is a pulling force of more than ten tons, and the color matching of the rope net is in line with the psychological requirements of children. It is easily accepted by children and makes them love it. The characteristics of the rope net are not only brilliant colors, but also safety for parents.

polyester rope
polyester rope
Crochet shape and gameplay

The crochet playground is made up of a number of colorful “small honeycombs”, each “small honeycomb” is installed with climbing points for children’s activities, and at the same time, entertainment such as shaking rainbow balls and swinging rainbow circles are designed according to their preferences. Project; through the design that fits the needs of children, let children exercise the qualities of bravery, exploration and coordination in a safe play environment.

Homeycombs Nets
Colorful Rainbow Tree

The colorful Rainbow tree is a children’s crochet playground project made according to the shape of the tree, such as a large net bag unfolding in the courtyard, and 0-6 small cloth bags, net posts that play the role of lifting entrances and exits, and hammocks. , hanging rings, swings, etc., the unique attraction of trees, and gorgeous colors are the biggest features!

Who made Knitted Wonder Space ?

In the 1990s,Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam  displayed a crochet art sculpture in a gallery of national park ,and children were very surprised when they saw it and began to play with excitement. She looks closely at her suspended artwork ,which transforms into an immersive and sensory-driven play space for children.

mcadam 4
Products parameters
BrandFUN NETTINGInstall and fixUtilize top hanging equipment or make stable steel frame
Specifications4m-15m  height 3mSite requirementsThe height of more than 3 meters, the ground floor mat
CapacityThe maximum number of people carrying at the same time is about 20post-maintenanceJust wipe with water, no fading, anti-wear
AgeChildren aged 3-12supervisorThere is no need for fixed personnel to guard, and the site can be managed uniformly
main materialHigh-strength colored nylon material fixed by steel structure, hose protection netproductionWithin a month
What’s features?

1. Crochet playground project with dual functions of amusement and education with unique value;

2. It is a new type of children’s indoor amusement project;

3. With the theme of sports, adventure, challenge, experience and growth, the project is safe;

4. With multiple protection measures, the business model is simple, the investment risk is low, and the management is convenient and quick;

5. It is the best training ground for enhancing children’s thinking ability, coordination reaction ability and social ability.

China Manufacturer ?

Shandong Fun Nets CO.,LTD is located in the seaside city of Binzhou, Shandong Province. it was established in 2009,has 50 employees the company specializes in the R&D、sell、production、 installation and maintenance of indoor and outdoor amusement rope nets、 crochet playground and leisure rope nets and art decoration rope nets projects.

Q: How to choose high-quality rope net products?

A: The first step: look

First look at the color, second at the structure, third at the mesh, and fourth at the details. For children’s play equipment, the right color matching is very important, so that it can not only reflect the overall harmonious tone, but also not lack vitality. Secondly, the design structure of the product and the weaving structure of the rope directly affect the playability and safety of the product. In terms of mesh, the size of the mesh is not only related to cost and overall feel, but more importantly, it has a direct relationship with safety. The processing of details cannot be ignored for children’s equipment. Production details and installation details are the embodiment of product professionalism.

Step 2: Smell

High-quality rope nets will not emit pungent odors. In modern times, a generation of informal and unscrupulous merchants use inferior ropes to reduce costs, and even use chemical raw materials to clean ropes, which will cause unnecessary damage to the user’s body and is extremely unsafe.

Step 3: Ask

Since the customer does not have a very thorough understanding of the product, it is necessary to ask a few questions at this time: first, the use of the product; second, the source of the product; third, the cooperation unit; fourth, the production location; fifth, after-sales service; Authenticity of web manufacturers.

Step 4: touch

Everything is personal experience. First touch the rope net with your hand to see if it feels smooth. Next, wipe the rope with a clean damp cloth for fading. Check the tension again, then randomly select the rope source of a certain product, cut it with scissors, and check the tension.

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