Scrambling Climbing Course Net

Best selling outdoor climbing course net playground 
Material UV Resistance Polyester/Polyamide material .
Color grey

High strength; abrasive resistance well ;Excellent resistance to impact load;Aging resistant performance is good

Advantage Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor climbing
Rope dimater 16mm.14mm.12mm
Mesh size 20cm ,15cm,10cm
Net size 2m x 2m or custom according to your request
OEM  available



The delivery time can be controlled within 10 days if your order’s qty less than 200 SQM

Advantages:Use special knotting way. The meshes won’t be torn apart after long use.

2021Volleyball Netting


Outdoor Nylon scrambling net climbing obstacle course net
  1. Premium 3-strand twisted polyester (poly Dacron) rope
  2. Superior performance and exceptional service life
  3. Excellent UV resistance
  4. Great grip & easy on the hands
  5. Most popular cargo climbing net scrambling net series, very economical
  6. Adopt special knotting way. The meshes will not be torn apart when people climb on it

Made from polyester with a reinforced tie-in point and stitching, this harness will last even under high use conditions like a climbing gym or ropes course or scrambling net. Good harness For rock climbing and mountaineering.


Climbing is dangerous. You are responsible for your own actions and decisions. Familarize yourself with this harness’s capabilities and limitations. We recommed every climber seek qualified instruction. Please have all equipment safety checked by a qualified professional prior to use.


Perfecting for :mountaineering , rock climbing ,outdoor extending ,fire rescue ,Working at heights ,Engineering protection ,caving ,downhill.