Climbing Cargo Nets

climbing cargo net

Climbing cargo nets are a fun way for children to exercise their imaginations while having fun at the same time. You can purchase climbing cargo net kits that are made from hardwood dowels and braided nylon. These kits are designed to fit a Timber-Bilt backyard playset. They come with illustrated instructions and mounting hardware. After installation, your child can climb through the net and enjoy the views around the playset.

Safety of climbing cargo nets

The most important thing to remember when using a climbing cargo net is that you must keep an eye on your students at all times. Climbing cargo nets should be hung at a safe height, and you should follow the instructions carefully to ensure safety. In addition, you should place anchors one foot apart and at a 45-degree angle. They should be secured with non-sharp objects. This is a great way to control the amount of activity in a group, and ensure everyone is supervised at all times.

To avoid any accidents, choose a high-quality climbing cargo net made of sturdy materials. These are especially durable since they have double-layer constructions. Its long rope is also better for safety and comfort. Its double-layer design also provides more support for your kids. Compared to other climbing cargo nets, this one is 20 cm longer than other products. It is also easy to clean. To ensure your child’s safety, be sure to follow the instructions for proper use.

If you are installing a commercial-size cargo net, you should consider hiring an expert to install it. However, the cost and duration of the installation process depend on the size of the net. Wider cargo nets are more difficult to install, as they require more time to fit the pole and hooks. Nevertheless, a standard-size cargo net installation can take as little as two hours. This can be a great way to protect children in your yard.

You can also choose to buy nets with belt straps that can be deployed force-fit. This net has permanent identification markings and can be deployed positive-fit or force-fit. You can even purchase a GS net that bears the GS mark, confirming its safety. Its durable construction also means that it won’t tear easily, making it more likely to stand up to the test of time. The safety of climbing cargo nets can also be assessed with the help of a certified safety expert.


Whether you want to climb the cargo nets in your backyard or at a nearby park, it’s possible to build your own by following a few simple steps. Climbing cargo nets can be a great source of exercise and fun, and they are easy to construct with materials available at home improvement stores and on Amazon. Using high-quality rope, cord, and knots will help you make a sturdy climbing cargo net.

You’ll need a climbing cargo net. You can get one from a hardware store for around $40. To build the net, you’ll also need a step stool or ladder to reach higher areas. Also, you’ll need scissors to cut the nets. Make sure that your outdoor space is large enough to hang the net and make it safe for children. The climbing cargo net is meant to be used outdoors, so it can’t touch anything else, but you must be careful not to slip!

To build a sturdy climbing cargo net, you’ll need two pieces of wood and one metal reinforcing angle. Each of these pieces of wood should be cut to the correct length and dimension, so the length of the cargo net can be measured accurately. Once you’ve calculated the appropriate length and space for the beams, you can begin assembling the cargo net. You’ll also need to attach a cross brace.

Once you’ve made the frames, you can hang the climbing net from various objects. Or you can purchase a complete climbing net solution, which includes the ropes and a frame. You will need to put them together according to the instructions. You’ll also need sturdy ropes for the climbing net. These ropes should be at least one centimeter in diameter. They should also be easy to clean. There are two types of ropes to choose from, and the one you purchase is the strongest.


To install your climbing cargo net, you’ll need to use a pipe to hang it from. Measure the distance to the frame’s edge and drill a hole at that point. Then, install the anchors, spaced one foot apart and at a 45-degree angle. You should use a heavy-duty bit for this step. Be sure to avoid using any sharp edges when drilling. When the net is ready, you can proceed to install the ropes.

The beams of the cargo net should be secured with the help of two 1-inch wood screws and metal reinforcing angles. Install the reinforcing angles so that the two-inch-long side is vertical against the beam and the three-inch-wide side is horizontal against the legs. Install the last 2×6 to 41 inches. Cut the beam to 41 inches long. Use the same technique to attach the beams to the reinforcing angles.

You should also ensure that the net’s beam can support its weight before hanging it. You can purchase cargo net mounting kits or conversion kits online. The installation kits include all necessary elements that you need to hang the cargo net. You can hang the net indoors or outdoors, depending on the location. In addition to the mounting kit, you’ll need 1.5″ diameter pipe and a 2ft-wide beam. Wood or steel beams are ideal for this purpose, since they won’t need to be drilled.

A wooden swing set is the ideal venue for the addition of a climbing cargo net. The net’s knotted rope and wooden dowels will encourage your child’s creative play and enhance his or her motor skills. Installing one is easy and requires little experience in building a swing set. It can be mounted in a matter of minutes, and weighs up to 150 Lbs when fully assembled. And, as a bonus, this equipment is safe for toddlers, too.


If you’re looking to climb without the added expense of a climbing rope, you can make your own climbing cargo net by using a kit. A Timber-Bilt Cargo Net Kit contains a hardwood dowel and braided nylon climbing accessory with a detailed illustrated plan and all of the necessary mounting hardware. You can also buy a DIY kit or purchase a climbing cargo net for a relatively low cost.

Climbing cargo nets are an excellent exercise, but they also double as fun for the whole family. Even people with limited physical capabilities can enjoy climbing cargo nets. You don’t need much space to make a cargo net, and it’s easy to build your own. To save money, you can purchase climbing cargo net kits at your local craft store, or purchase the materials on Amazon. Choose a high-quality material, and be sure to learn to tie durable knots.

You’ll also need a place to hang the climbing cargo net. Indoors, a large hall, or a playground are all suitable places to install a climbing net. You should sketch out the room you’ll install the climbing net before you actually begin the design process. If possible, you should choose a space with plenty of room to hang the net. Make sure that the area is big enough so it can support the cargo net and doesn’t interfere with anything else.

Climbing Cargo Nets are made of sturdy nylon rope and wooden dowels. You will need some additional lumber to complete a simple do-it-yourself project. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be ready to climb! A climbing cargo net can add a fun element to your playground. With its sturdy rope and sturdy wooden framework, it is an ideal climbing accessory for kids and adults of all ages.

Climbing cargo nets are made of high-quality polyester material and are safe for kids as well as adults. You can install the nets horizontally or vertically. Using the proper hardware and tools, the net can support up to 150 lbs. Once you have all the components in place, you can enjoy climbing with your children for hours! So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to get one for your backyard playground today!

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