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If you want to keep your cat safe, you should invest in a good cat net. Safetynet365 cat safety nets are made of UV-resistant, weatherproof polypropylene fabrics, so they’re unclimbable. These cat nets aren’t as visible to neighbors, and they’re virtually indestructible when your cat decides to climb on them. However, beware of their drawbacks: they get sunburned and don’t prevent your cat from playing with a rope.

Safetynet365 cat safety nets are made of weatherproof, UV-resistant polypropylene fabrics

Cats have a natural instinct for climbing and exploring, and a cat safety net on your balcony gives your cat a safe place to roam. Cat safety nets are low-cost and are available in a variety of sizes and designs, so you can deploy one at multiple locations throughout your home, including the balcony, terrace, and window. Because of their low-profile design, they are not obtrusive or distracting.

Made of a UV-resistant, weather-proof polypropylene fabric, Safetynet365 cat safety nets provide maximum protection against the elements. Unlike a mesh cage, cat safety nets are completely waterproof. Made from a strong, UV-resistant, polypropylene fabric, they will last a long time. They are made with a special UV stabilizer, and can also be purchased by the square meter or as a part of a custom-designed netting solution.

KidKusion provides many different types of barrier and railing solutions for balconies and patios. Their Child Safety Net does not compromise ventilation or panoramic views, making it ideal for balconies. These barriers are great for balconies and patios, and can also protect your child from falling out of the balcony. A child safety gate, 1.2m tall fencing, and kid-proof safety gates are all available for outdoor use.

They are insurmountable for climbing cats

A flexible netting, such as that used on a cat run, is not insurmountable to a climbing kitty. With a mesh of 3/4 inch, your kitty will never climb through it. As a result, your stray cat will never jump from the top of the netting into your yard. Instead, it will take the shortest, most efficient route down, which is directly to the ground. A cat run that blocks access to the top edge of the netting is a better choice.

They are less visible to neighbors

A cat net is an attractive barrier that is invisible to the neighbors. These enclosures can be made out of a variety of materials, including black, green, or transparent. Fruit tree or plant grids can be used as a substitute for cat nets. These aren’t as attractive as cat nets, though, and must be fastened to the tree or plant to make them effective. Transparent cat nets are less noticeable from a distance, and reflect the sun’s rays.

They get sunburned

It’s not only humans who get sunburned from the sun. Cats are no exception. Having thin fur over their ear flaps, white cats are even more at risk. Because their coats are essentially white, they lack pigment in individual strands of hair. Also vulnerable are bicolor and piebald cats, as both of these colors have the piebald gene. UV rays, including those that penetrate deep into the dermis, cause sunburn and damage the DNA of skin cells.

Sun damage can take years to manifest itself, but it’s a serious problem, which should be treated immediately. Cats with white ears and noses are especially vulnerable to sunburn. Keeping them inside during the hotter parts of the day is a great way to protect them. Providing shady areas is also an important part of cat care. Sunscreen for cats is available online, but it’s important to consult your veterinarian if your cat’s ears are becoming white or are otherwise discolored.

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