Balcony Safety Net

Color:white balcony safety net
Material:HDPE +UV Stabilized,nylon,Polyester silk
Application:safety protetion,Building protection,Prevent falling
Length:Customers Request
Using life:1-6years
The mesh size:3-12cm
Net twine roughness:2-25mm


Balcony safety net


1.Ropes are consumable and must be checked frequently.For safety,
it must be replaced immediately after breakage is found.
2.Ropes that have been overused for more than two years must also be replaced,
even if they have no visible scars but are old.In addition,ropes that once supported
a sudden weight,such as those used to support a falling climber,should never be used again.
3.The knotted rope may break due to the impact of the weight.Care must be taken.
If there is a kink in the rope,pull one end of the rope to restore the rope before use.
After use,use the binding method that is less likely to produce kink to tidy up.Volleyball Net 22