100% PE Anti-bird Netting Bird Pe

China manufacturer Anti-bird Netting    Material: 100% virgin Bird PE with UV Treated
Craft type: Warp knitted
Weight: 8-120g
Width,Length: Customized
Color: White, Green,Blue,etc

Features:High strength.Heat resistance.Water resistance.Corrosion resistance. Anti-aging.Non-toxic.Easy to handle.Long life


100% Bird PE agricultural plastic anti-bird netting protection

Anti-bird netting made of nylon and polyethylene yarn is a kind of net which prevents birds reaching certain areas. It is new net used widely in agriculture.This net has different net opening to control all kinds of birds. Besides,it cuts off the bird PE reproduction and spread pathway. So it reduces the usage of chemical pesticides and ensures the high quality, heath, green product.


Anti-bird PE Netting is mainly used to prevent the bird pecking food. Generally, it can protect the grapes, cherry, pear, apple and other fruits. Besides, it can be used to control poultry and used at airport to prevent birds striking planes.Can kill common pests such as flies, mosquitoes, etc. Regular use and collection are light, and the lifespan of correct storage can reach about 3-5 years.

Commodity Anti-bird netting
Material HDPE( high density polyethylene), 100% Virgin PE, polyester, nylon.
Wire type multifilament or monofilament.
Diameter 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.23mm, 0.24mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.45mm, 1.1mm.
Mesh shape Diamond and square.
Mesh size 10mm – 50mm.
Width 1m – 25m.
Length 5m – 100m.
Net size 2 × 5m, 2 × 50m, 5 × 50m, 5 × 100m, 10 × 100m.
Square gram weight 7g – 50g (7g, 15g, 17g, 20g ,25g, 30g, 35g, 50g).
Selvage Thicker rope.
Rope diameter 1mm – 6mm.
Knot type Knotted and knotless bird netting.
Color Green, red, black, white, blue, yellow.
Stretching way Depth way stretched and length way stretched.
Using life 3 – 10 years.
How many square meters can a pound of anti-bird netting cover?

There are many kinds of heald nylon mesh with width and mesh size, the width is 10 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters, the mesh openings are 2.0cm, 2.5cm, 3.0cm, 5*5cm, etc., which can be different according to customers. According to the size of the bird to choose different sizes of mesh, some customers have asked how many square meters a kilogram of bird-proof nets are. According to the commonly used mesh of 2.5cm, a kilogram is about 73 square meters; millet, apple orchards, vineyards, etc. In the protection, the requirements for the mesh are relatively strict, usually 2.0cm and 2.5cm are used, which is enough to deal with a variety of birds.

Mesh sizes of anti bird pe nets

Anti bird netting come in a variety of mesh sizes. Smaller mesh sizes exclude smaller birds, while larger ones exclude bigger birds. The best choice is based on the size of your orchard. Most wire mesh products have lengths and widths between 100-150 metres. To make sure you protect your entire orchard from birds, choose a size that will cover your whole orchard. Here’s a guide to choosing the right mesh size for your particular situation.

First, determine the mesh size you want. If you’re going to use an anti bird net to protect crops, you’ll want to consider a mesh size that can block smaller birds from reaching your crops. However, be careful not to overbuy because small birds can easily break through even the most well-installed nets. While they are great for preventing small birds, they can also trap other animals. Using the proper mesh size can also prevent snakes, foxes, and deer.

Maintenance of anti bird pe nets

The installation of anti-bird netting is very easy. Unlike other types of barriers, these nettings are flexible and can withstand pressure during adverse weather conditions. They will increase the aesthetics of your residential building and require zero maintenance. World Screen Nets can help you install the anti-bird netting according to your needs and specifications at highly competitive prices. Contact us today to know more about the benefits of installing anti-bird netting on your home!

Generally, the anti-bird netting will last a few years if properly maintained. Birds are not only unsightly, but they are a nuisance and can carry a variety of diseases. Furthermore, disposing of them is unethical. A bird netting is an excellent low-tech solution to these problems. These netting systems block the entrances of birds, which are attracted to the structures. These netting systems are most suitable for large spaces, as they have specific gaps for specific types of birds.

Cost of anti bird pe nets

If you’re considering buying an anti-bird netting, you’ll have to decide which kind of netting will best fit your needs. Commercial anti-bird nets are designed to protect crops from pigeons, but are they worth the cost? The cost depends on what kind of netting you want, but you should also know what you can expect from the nets’ lifespan. Commercial anti-bird netting is UV-stabilized and made of high-density polyethylene monofilament.

The first thing to consider is whether the net is large enough. Many people order bird nets that are too small, but they do not realize that it’s not sufficient for their needs. Instead, you should order a larger mesh than what you need, and you’ll be more likely to buy a net that will protect your crops from bigger birds, which will cost more than you’d expect. A good anti-bird net will be worth its weight in gold, and the cost of installation will be well worth it.